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Providing Expert Sound Reinforcement & Lighting at reasonable rates.
Available for weddings, parties, upscale private events & night clubs.

Our goal is assist you in providing the ultimate presentation and experience for your


  • Behringer X32 32 Channel Digital Mixer

  • Mackie DL1608 16 Channel Digital Mixer

  • Both mixers have iPad Remote Control which allows us to remotely mix from
    anywhere in the room!!

  • JBL (Dual- 15") PA Speaker Main Cabinets

  • ISP 18" Sub Cabinets

  • Electro Voice & Mackie 12" Powered Monitors

  • Shure & Audix Drum Microphones

  • (8) wireless microphones

  • Shure & Audix vocal & instrument microphones

  • LED RGB PAR 64 DMX Stage Party Lighting. . .2 Tripods w/4 Lights on each!

How Much Do We Cost?

It depends! Listed below is our starting pricing to provide sound reinforcement &
lighting for your event.

Prices will increase if the show has parking or load in obstacles, if the show is a "one-
off" at an unusual location, if the show requires more equipment / time / labor /
materials than an average show in a local club would need, etc., etc., etc., so it's always
best to contact us for a quote in advance!


Local Night Clubs
Sound man running your gear - prices start at $100
Sound man & small system - prices start at $250
Sound man & larger system - prices start at $275

Wedding & Private Events
Sound man running your gear - prices start at $200
Sound man & small system - prices start at $350
Sound man & larger system - prices start at $400

Bare bones lighting rig (2 Tripods provided at no extra cost)


Partial list of things that will cause an event to cost more:

Parking / Restricted Access
When load in is restricted for any reason, whether it be stairs of any kind, parking not
available for the van and trailer within 15' of the load in door, long load in distance
between door and stage area, stairs, etc,

Long Shows
Shows that require early load in or delayed load out (our normal rate assumes 8 hours
from beginning of load in to end of load out - 3 hours for set up - 4 hours for the show -
approx 1 hour for tear down) Any time over that is $25/hr

Stairs (Already said that, but it needs to be repeated)

Multiple act shows/Open stages/Festivals, etc
Multi act shows - usually $25 per additional act

Outdoor shows / Weather protection
If a roof is not provided over both stage AND mixing areas, there will be additional cost
for tents, tarps, plastic, as needed to protect the gear - $100 minimum

Three 20 amp circuits within 20' of the stage are required (for both indoor or outdoor
shows) Generators and/or any on-site wiring necessary to provide the three 20 amp
circuits is not included in the above prices

$1/mile 1 way
(If gig is more than 50 miles outside of Philadelphia)

Amps, and/or instruments are not available at this time

For booking info, please e-mail or call Cordell Brown:
267 746 5955

Book your show early to ensure availability!!

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Services | Deja Groove - 267-746-5955